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The new generation of skincare.
Prioritising to take care of all the beautiful characteristics you already possess. We create everyday essentials – no nonsense. All natural, vegan and organic. 

Our products are driven by people, design and nature. 


Inclusivity and diversity is key to us. Creating natural essentials for everyone. Non binary and celebratory of each and every individual. Therefore we go above and beyond to not solely be a skincare company but rather an open-minded space to discuss and elaborate upon everything we as individuals encounter and pursue.  

We love to engage in conversations about art, design, culture, people and well-being. Commemorating of individuals, diversity, our planet and welcoming everyone to join the movement. 

Going deeper rather than 'touching the surface' since 2018. 


At a very young age I didn’t feel represented by the beauty industry. I felt disconnected to the picture that was portrayed as 'beautiful'. Hence I concluded I am not.  

I fled to the Netherlands from Iran at the age of 4. As a young refugee in the Netherlands I did everything to be accepted which resulted in countless of elaborate skincare practices to look more like my friends and surrounding.

Nothing did the trick as 1) most products were filled with chemicals that did more harm 2) the beauty industry never included people that I could relate to – that’s when I found my passion to strive for a more equal, diverse and inclusive world by being creative and using art as a form of expression. In this pursue I started collaborating with youngsters and kids in different refugee camps.

Working in numerous refugee camps I came to the conclusion that there are so many people – like me – struggling with beauty standards mainstream media has created.

In my own vision I saw this versatile group of youngsters as the most beautiful and diverse individuals I have had the pleasure to meet. 

Changing society is a hard thing to do, taking care of ourselves - mind and body is the first step within this 'master plan'. 

From that moment my mission was to fight for diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. Skøn was born. 

Self-care is community care.

Stay in touch. Take care.

Gisele Azad


Gisele Azad